Color Psychology and Mood for Hospitality Interiors

Color is a powerful device, and it is everywhere! For centuries, color has been used to influence human behavior due to its ability to evoke emotion and trigger the senses. In recent years, however, the art of color psychology has not only given interior designers control over your perception of a space, but your mood while you occupy the space as well. Take a look at how top designers are creatively applying color to form beautiful spaces that are easy on the eyes…and easy on the mind!

Red: Passion

Bold, energizing, and spontaneous, it’s no surprise that the color red has a powerful impact on our senses, including our appetite! Designers around the world have incorporated red into contemporary restaurant décor to stimulate cravings, conversation, and atmosphere. Stack, a new-age American grill in Las Vegas, is not shy with the hue, using tinted lighting to apply red everywhere from floor to ceiling!

Orange: Energy

Did you ever think a color could help you up the intensity and duration of your workout? Immediately afflicting feels of enthusiasm, adventure, and self-confidence, designers have named orange the color of choice for active environments and recreation centers, like Miribilla Fitness Club in Spain. This lively hue not only instills energy for the body, but for the mind as well!

Yellow: Creativity

Balancing fun and logic, yellow is the perfect color to incorporate into creative offices. Surrounding yourself in this hue not only boosts intellectual powers in the creative side of the brain, but causes the mind to release serotonin, the “feel good” chemical. Designer Ana Hernández Palacios confidently applied yellow to the walls and ceiling Lexington Avenue Modeling Agency to give an added creative flair to the minds of both the photographers and models.

Green: Harmony

Occupying more space in the visible spectrum than any other color, Green has the ability to relax the body both mentally and physically. Because it’s the most soothing hue in the color spectrum, designers around the world are taking inspiration from nature to carry the shade into tranquil interior spaces, especially spas. Balancing natural stone, ambient light, and soft shades of moss green, the design of Dolder Grand Spa in Zurich provides the ideal backdrop to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Blue: Productivity

Google Sydney Interior Design Blue

From water to sky, blue is perceived as a constant in daily life, and has gradually become the preferred color for workspaces around the world. Signifying responsibility, dependability, and wisdom, shades of blue allow people to focus on personal tasks without distraction. That doesn’t mean the blue offices have to be boring! Designers around the world have been captivated by the contemporary application of blue materials and lighting inside the new Google office in Sydney, Australia. It doesn’t hurt that this hue has overwhelmingly won “favorite color around the world” either!

Purple: Extravagance

Purple Interior Allure by Cipriani

Associated with wealth, opulence, and fantasy, purple has become the favored color among designers specializing in the nightlife and hospitality industry. Blending the confidence of red with the calming nature of blue, this hue never fails to make a bold statement in a sophisticated way.   Posh night spots around the world, like Allure Nightclub in Abu Dhabi, are using purple on every surface from the seating to the lighting to grant every guest a feeling of royalty!

The next time you head to the gym, have a relaxing day at the spa, or try the new restaurant downtown, pay attention to the colors around you. Chances are, the reasoning behind their application goes far beyond beautiful decor!

Credits: One Source Graphics, Precision Intermedia