Thursday Salute to Originals: Creative or Claustrophobic?

Even though our office is pretty spacious, files, drawings, and miscellaneous papers seem to keep piling up on our desks (an on the immediate surrounding floor area). It seems like no matter how much space we have, it always gets filled – and fast! If that claustrophobic feeling is starting to creep in a bit like it is for us, take a second to peer out from behind those stacks to check out this video.

Architect Gary Cheng doesn’t work in a cramped spot, he lives in it! At only 344 sq. ft., his apartment is tiny at best. However, his innovative design has turned the apartment into a dynamic interior puzzle of over 24 rooms that not only take advantage of such little space, but prove that well-thought design can triumph in even the smallest areas.

Feeling overwhelmed as the surface area of your desk becomes increasingly populated with drawing sets? Just watch this video and you may be inspired to transform the cluttered space into an efficiently dynamic design.