Design for the Dead

If we had to take a guess, we’re betting you wouldn’t put innovative design and tombstones in the same category. Getting lumped into the creepy-crawly seasonal hullabaloo of witches, vampires, ghosts, and zombies, these burial markers are more often thought of as haunting (and often terrifying) adornments of the dead, rather than physical embodiment of cutting edge design. But take a look at IVANKA’s “See You” gravestone, and you might just change your mind.

Unlike more customary grave markers made of massive, monolithic stone blocks, complete with ornate carvings and ominous warnings, this gravestone design takes a more minimalistic approach. By allowing elements of nature and design to interact and feed off of one another, this design (by Akos Mauer Klimes and Peter Kucsera of IVANKA) evokes a peaceful and reflective serenity that evades its more traditional counterparts.

Concrete Tombstone Design Ivanka

The crisp edges suggest simplicity, emphasizing introspection while minimizing distraction. The softly sloping and curving strokes mimic the progressive nature of time. And the gradually deepening crevice forms a multifunctional basin that not only highlights its visual aesthetics, but facilitates an ability to constantly change appearances – almost like a living piece of art.

Simplistic and refined, yet visually intriguing, design of the “See You” gravestones are quite a departure from the cryptic tombstones that fill people with terror around this time of year. And while these markers may be less likely to send a chill down your spine for being scary this Halloween, we can’t guarantee that you’ll be completely immune. After all, these headstones are certainly hair-raising – at least when it comes to thoughtful and innovative design!