Thursday Salute to Originals: Cross-Stitch Creative

Typically, you don’t think of cross-stitching as a cool design trend. Yes, it might be your grandmother’s favorite pastime and you might have done a project once in your home economics class, but usually cross-stitching is nothing more than a cute personal keepsake. Rarely does it “cross” over into innovative and though-provoking territory.

Remember This Fence Art Installation Woven and Cross Stitched Letters

It’s this very reason that we so greatly appreciate Michigan based artist, Lampchop’s, twist on this age-old sewing technique. Using simple chain link fences, Lambchop weaves material through the openings to create physical typographic art. Using varying phrases and unsuspecting fences all around the world, this large-scale cross-stitch sends a message, both visual and aspirational. We especially love how in many instances the typography appears to be floating, creating an odd tension between 2D and 3D perception.

Fence Art Cross Stitching by Lambchop

Needless to say, this is certainly not your grandma’s cross-stitching. Just goes to show that innovation can lie within even the most seemingly unrelated and uncool things, as long as you keep an open (and creative!) mind.