Thursday Salute to Originals: Epic Snowflake Landscapes

Remember cutting out paper snowflakes as a kid? It’s something we always looked forward to in elementary school around things time of year. Artfully folding the paper and skillfully wielding scissors with little nimble fingers to cut simple shapes and patterns out of paper – it was so simple, yet so complex. Folded into a little triangle, the creation never seemed like much. But as the creases were flatted and the folds opened, the real surprise was revealed in all its glory. Those seemingly simple contours were magically duplicated, rotated, and reflected, interacting in an integrated web of shape, movement, and fragility. It was really fascinating and really beautiful.

Well someone else also appreciated this idea of snowflake cut-outs and decided to take it to another level. Visual artist Manuel Ameztoy uses the basic idea of a snowflake cut-out and translates it to a massive scale, creating amazing installations that are precisely technical, yet wonderfully delicate. Take a peek at the video below to learn more about how his technique and artistic ability turn an elementary school art project into originally elegant works of art.

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Manuel Ameztoy from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

Our favorite quote in the video: talking about the beginning of the creative process, Manuel is never “absolutely sure” what he is doing.