Thursday Salute to Originals: Hybrids of Design

It seems nowadays that hybrids are everywhere. From modern cars to bizarre animal offspring to celebrity couple names, we seem to have a fascination with combining multiple elements into one singular entity. And while some of these creations may be catchy (aka “Brangelina”) and others downright strange (like a “Zonkey”), some really stick out from the pack by showing innovation, creativity, and panache. Below are some of our favorite hybrids making their way in the world of design!

 Eco Velo Hybrid Electric Bicycles

Eco Velo Hybrid Electric Bicycle

For those of us who aren’t Lance Armstrong, this might be a good option when your legs start to give out on the home stretch on the Tour de France.

LED Twitter Dress

Part fashion, part technology, part social media, this dress, designed by digital communications company EE, hits the trifecta by combining all things trendy.

CityLight Street Lamps

Harnessing energy is nothing new, but we’ve never seen an invention that channels the calories of your work out into something for the good of the community! Light up the street while trimming your waistline by working out on these public exercise machines.

Keybrid Keys

Such a simple, and seemingly obvious idea. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Thoughtful design eliminates the need for an extra fastener.

By combining technologies or concepts that otherwise seem dissimilar, everyday objects can be completely redefined. What other design hybrids have you noticed lately?