Thursday Salute to Originals: Coffee Bean Inspires Café Interior

In this moment of modern history, we’ve become quite accustomed to visiting contemporary, hip places, but it is a rarity to walk into an establishment and think to ourselves that the design is truly unique in the hospitality arena. This is precisely what was accomplished by design firm Innarch in Kosovo with their crafting of the interior spaces at Don’s Café.

The interior concept was based on a sack of coffee beans and is a playful take on the idea. The tables and lamps represent asymmetrically aligned coffee beans and they even go so far as to coat the columns in the space to mimic the texture of the exterior of a coffee bean sack. Not only is Don’s Café a good design, but it is also a good marketing tool because it creates a buzz from word of mouth around an “unusual” looking interior, helping to differentiate it from other run of the mill coffee shops.

The most unique feature in the shop is the partition wall that serves both a decorative and functional purpose in that it provides a striking visual aesthetic and provides seating for patrons. Because of its unique form, each piece of the wall had to be individually designed, cut and assembled to make the composition work effectively. The entire composition consists of 1365 custom pieces of plywood and is a shining example of how to design unique customer experiences. Salute!

Image credits: Contemporist