Thursday Salute to Originals: A Guide for the Unlucky

It may be no big deal that today is Thursday, September 12th, but as soon as the clock strikes midnight, warnings of Friday the 13th superstitions will be flying everywhere.

So what can this unlucky day mean to the design world? Artist and illustrator Kyle Bean created “A Guide for the Unlucky”, a 3D pop up book that illustrates situations that superstitions suggest we avoid. As the reader flips the pages, black cats cross the path, umbrellas open inside a house, mirrors break bringing years of bad luck… the luck worsens with every page. Drawing on the concept of a children’s storybook, Bean infuses black and white graphics with clean text to elevate this message to a high-design level.

We salute black cats, umbrellas, mirrors, and we have even walked under a fair share of ladders out on jobsites… but tonight we are sleeping with our fingers crossed and a lucky horseshoe under our pillow!