Thursday Salute to Originals: Motor Mood

A bumper sticker is a big commitment. Plastering a message proudly on the back of your vehicle for all to see, bumper stickers allow drivers to express a lot of personality in a small area. So what happens when, in this fast-paced world, you change your viewpoint and want to update your car accordingly? This new invention allows you to change your bumper image as often as you change your Facebook status.

Motor Mood Bumper Sticker Smiley Face Lights

Much like a social media status update for cars, “Motor Mood” is a series of emoticons on your rear window that can be turned on and off at the touch of a button. The smiling, winking, and angry faces can be activated depending on your mood at the moment.

As MotorMood advertises, “Having a good day? Display the happy. Some jerk tailgating? Show your anger. See someone cute in the car behind you? Give them a wink. With MotorMood, driving becomes a little more human and a lot more fun.” The expressive faces are made with backlit screens tied to remote control buttons in the sun visor.  In this case, technology is humanizing. MotorMood promises to release more faces to capture the plethora of moods one might want to express while cruising down the freeway.

The social media technology of Mark Zuckerberg meets the automobile era of Henry Ford? We salute the originality, and we’re surprised nobody has thought of this before!

Image credits: Yanko Design