Thursday Salute to Originals: Sushi Couture

As trendy (and delicious) as sushi is, it does tend to generally look the same from restaurant to restaurant. You know the drill – filling rolled in rice wrapped in seaweed. Done.

If the wasabi and ginger aren’t quite cutting it for you in the “embellishment” department (surely a common complaint amongst sushi-lovers, right?), never fear. Sushi has suddenly gone couture.

Design Nori Lasercut Sushi Pattern

Called Design Nori, Umino Hiroyuki of Umino Seaweed Shop and advertising agency I&S BBDO collaborated to create this designer seaweed. Laser-cut with delicate, intricate patterns, this seaweed is not only functional, but fashion-forward.

Custom Sushi Wrap Lattice Design

Lasercut Sushi Wrap Patterns Couture Design

Superfluous as it may be, we love the thought of sushi taking on an even more artful form with these designer wraps. So next time you break out the chop sticks, feast your tummy (and eyes!) on a treat that merges the culinary with the couture. If something as seemingly inconsequential as a seaweed wrap can be elevated from pure function to a celebrated surface, you can certainly spice up your façade design a little bit, right?

Image credits: Design Milk