Thursday Salute to Originals: Taking Structure Out of Sculpture

Museums are inspiring places. Being surrounded by the antiquated works of artists who have expressed themselves in ground breaking ways is truly moving. Sculpture is particularly awe-inspiring.

With subjects painstakingly carved out of a solid blocks of stone, it’s compelling how sculptors have managed to harness the power of such a rigid medium, creating the illusion of it being light, airy, and easily malleable. (Seriously – they make rocks resemble supple skin, silky hair, and flowing fabric for crying out loud!) The way in which the rigidity of the stone is delicately fashioned is truly commendable. And how these works of art have stood the test of time is not only a credit to the artist’s craft, but to the timelessness of the material itself.

Li Hongbo Accordion Paper Sculpture

So when we came across artist Li Hongbo’s sculptures, what astounded us most wasn’t the fact that they are stunningly accurate replicas of some of the most celebrated busts in art history. Nor was it the fact that these sculptures were carved out of a block of paper instead of the traditional stone or plaster (which we should note, is remarkable in its own right, but in a minute when you see what else is special about these sculptures, this attribute pales in comparison). What really amazed us is that the sculptures have a secret identity – they completely morph and grow into totally different forms, then recoil to their original state. Intrigued? Confused? Watch the clips below and be amazed!

A result of an intensive gluing and laying process, these stacked sheets of paper become literal compacted accordions in block form. Once carved and sanded into the desired shape, the “statues” can be pulled and stretched in unlimited ways and unrecognizable forms, thanks to their honeycomb substructure.

For completely changing the way in which we perceive sculpture and materiality, we salute Li Hongbo and his ability to deconstruct the rigidity of a statue. In some ways, we think his works have the potential to be even more inspiring than their original counterparts. Now after seeing these, we’re dying to have one of these sculptures at our desks…not only are they beautiful in statue form, but we have a feeling these would be a GREAT stress reliever when those deadlines start piling up!

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