Back to Basics #3: Mass

Mass. We’re surrounded by it. We inhabit it. It impacts our space, and it shapes our experiences both physically and physiologically. It has the power to be obtrusive and boisterous, or minimalistic and stoic. Here are a few examples that masterfully manipulate mass, emphasizing bold, unapologetic, and vastly different creative perspectives.

Mass Architectural Building Design

Image compiled by GPI Design. Individual image credits: Dezeen (DNB Bank), Paavo Tumblr, Dezeen (Staircase), Arch Daily (Gallery), Phaidon, Arch Daily (SANAA)


Submersed in creation day in and day out, it’s easy to become immune to the fundamental concepts at the core of design. Becoming so ingrained in our being, their simple existence registers involuntarily – like we’re running on auto-pilot – and we can overlook their individual relevance in the visual realization of an idea. Overexposure seems to dull our sensitivity.

But considering how impactful these (often unsung) basic theories are to design, we’ve decided to go “back to the basics”. In this blog mini-series, we highlight a fundamental design theory and showcase just how important and formative that concept is in shaping the final perception of a design.

Recap of prior “Back to the Basics” posts:

Stay tuned for the next concept at the beginning of June!