Thursday Salute to Originals: Pantone Beer

Precision. Categorization. Differentiation. Found both in a hearty microbrew and calculated Pantone colors, these concepts are a designer’s dream. So what happens when these two seemingly unrelated mediums are paired? Yes, you’re hearing us right, you dedicated office happy hour attendees… the result is Pantone Beer!

Pantone Beer Bottle Color Design

We found this post on The Dieline listed under “Concepts We Wish Were Real”, and the truth couldn’t be more spot on. Packaging designers at Txaber developed a theoretical packaging system for beer that categorizes it by color. The composition of the whole set of beer cans creates a striking gradient that is more than visually appealing – the wash of colors actually helps categorize the beer by type.

Pantone Beer Packaging Design

For connecting flavors with a measurable color scale, today we salute the creatives at Txaber for tantalizing our eyeballs and our taste buds at the same time. Next time you saddle up to the bar at a design event, you could be flipping out your Pantone deck instead of a menu!

Image credits: The Dieline, Txaber