Impactful Entry Space: The Peninsula Paris Hotel

In this Impactful Entry Space blog series, we will feature a designer or artist that has created an attention-grabbing design for the main lobby space of a building. Drawing inspiration from completed entry spaces around the world, we travel beyond the image by diving into the design process and concepts behind it.

Today, we feature our interview with Vaclav Koukolicek of Lasvit, creators of bespoke glass installations, about the lobby feature at The Peninsula Paris Hotel in France.


GPI Design: What did the lobby space mean to the building as a whole?

Vaclav Koukolicek: The lobby where the glass art sculpture “Dancing Leaves” is situated is the main entrance to this luxury hotel. It is most visible place in whole hotel. Therefore, we were asked to create something extraordinary and something amazing, something breathtaking.  This unique glass art sculpture is real masterpiece. The Peninsula decided to base the whole promotion of the hotel on the leaves design, which probably means that they are really happy with the outcome of our cooperation.


GPI: What were your functional and conceptual goals for the lobby?

Koukolicek: The glass art sculpture should reference to the leaves of a tree which were windblown to the lobby from the street. The streets in this 16th arrondissement of Paris where hotel Peninsula is situated are characteristically lined with plane trees and therefore, we wanted to keep this atmosphere even in lobby of the hotel. In fact, this is an attitude which we use quite often. Our designs are usually telling some story behind it. We’re not only focusing on bringing a world class design itself but we’re trying to even match it with its surroundings. That is also how we’re creating the experience through light and design.

GPI: How did you use specific design tools (such as color, form, materiality, lighting) to create the space?

Koukolicek: The leaves are set in space randomly as they were windblown to the lobby and in certain moment they stopped the motion at those particular points. Sometimes you can see that they are still oscillating around the point in which they are fixed because of their remaining kinetic energy from former motion. Under the leaves there is a pond where the leaves could eventually fall.

Most of the leaves are transparent but we also included a few leaves with brown and gold details so as the sculpture would match with the color tones of the lobby.

In terms of material, we used the finest Bohemian glass. All the leaves are hand-blown and thus, every leaf is unique and original.


GPI: What was the biggest constraint in turning this design into a reality?

Koukolicek: Almost every Lasvit’s design is really difficult to turn into reality. Every project is a new challenge. However, this is in fact the thing that we like most on our installations. The harder the installation is, the prettier the outcome.

We try to embody unconventional artistic vision, endow it with the precision and mastery of our glassmakers, and produce impressive creative oeuvre. This is a manifesto of Lasvit’s uncompromising mission: to transform glass into breathtaking light and design experiences.

In this particular project we needed to string up eight hundred leaves made of glass and fix each one by two hanging points at least. We had to hide hanging points and make the installation as pure as possible. To properly illuminate all those leaves is also quite a challenge but these all are the challenges which we really like. We’re always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


GPI: What makes this space impactful?

Koukolicek: I would say that it’s the overall experience and uniqueness. When you enter the lobby you should be amazed. That was the task for this space and I think we really succeeded with our creation. If you come closer and you think about the glass art sculpture it’s becoming an art piece which brings great value added for this place and lobby can be seen then as an art gallery.


Many thanks to Vaclav for sharing the design inspiration for this lobby feature. Stay tuned to our next Impactful Entry Space interview coming up in two weeks. For more visual inspiration, follow our Impactful Entry Space board on Pinterest.

Image credits: CN Traveller, Luxuo, Paris Peninsula, Daily Mail