Thursday Salute to Originals: Architectural Camouflage

Talk about wearing your passion on your sleeve! Given our intense obsessions with materiality, these clothing items have us amused and inspired.


The Architectural Camouflage collection is a range of clothing adorned with patterns of building materials. The geometries of white tile and marble are printed on the clothing at full scale, making the wearer blend into the architecture when standing in a space designed with those materials. The garments are available in full outfits – from shirts and pants to headwear and backpacks – making a bold statement from head to toe.


The collection was created by Snarkitecture, an experimental art and architecture practice, in collaboration with Print All Over Me (PAOM). As the Snarkitecture team describes, ”architectural camouflage allows the wearer to create moments of architectural confusion through interaction with the built environment, making architecture perform the unexpected”. The wearer becomes a mirror of the space and an activator of dialogue between the body and its surroundings.



The clothing pieces, available for sale in Snarkitecture’s online shop, have our wheels turning about what our installation experts could wear on the next jobsite. With the amount of variance in our natural onyx panels, we’d need quite an expansive range of colors and textures in order to match multiple projects – and likely a custom built walk-in closet, where our conference room used to be, for storing them all!

Image credits: Design Boom