Thursday Salute to Originals: Colorful Chapel, Sans Elvis

It’s no secret that Las Vegas is full of wedding chapels. If you have ever visited the city (and even if you haven’t), you know these chapels are as easy to come by as a fast food restaurant. But although plentiful and famous worldwide, wedding chapels aren’t exactly renowned for their sophisticated design. Let’s be honest, with all the garish signs, flashing neon lights, and cheesy Elvis impersonators as officiants, they aren’t the classiest establishments, at least from an architectural perspective. But that might just change once you take a peek at this…


Designed by Coordination Asia, the aptly named Rainbow Chapel in Shanghai completely flips the idea of a wedding chapel on its head. Instead of the outdated, unremarkable, and often gauche characteristics of the Vegas variety, this wedding chapel is modern, sleek, clean, open, and airy. But the real show stopper in this wedding chapel is the color – and LOTS of it! A geometric technicolor rainbow envelops the entire enclosure, painting stunning views in and out with a whimsical kaleidoscope of shadow, light, and hue. Chapel visitors are enveloped in a circular space, representing infinity. The space is dappled in colored light from the modern stained-glass effect created by varying transparencies of glass.




For designing a wedding chapel that certainly remains colorful while setting itself apart from the rest, we salute the team at Coordination Asia. Because this wedding chapel is located in Shanghai, it’s a little further than the Vegas variety – but what happens in Vegas, can certainly stay in Vegas. For this wedding chapel’s sake, let’s just hope the Elvis impersonators and neon lights abide by that mantra!


Image credits: Coordination Asia