Thursday Salute to Originals: Seasonal Sections

Our team has an (un)healthy obsession with section details. Hand us a drawing set, and we’ll skip over the plans and elevations straight to that technical wall section. Take us to a jobsite, and you’ll likely find us trying to pull something apart to get an inside view of the construction. But this obsession doesn’t just stop with the built environment. Some of us even get a thrill out of slicing our lunchtime sandwiches ever so carefully, displaying the perfect layers of peanut butter and jelly on the counter for everyone to admire.


But with autumn upon us, the contents of our meals are changing and what better way to examine the seasonality of our plates than to slice them up? The artistic duo Hargreaves and Levin, inspired by shared passions for food, photography, travel, and art, is bringing groceries to the forefront of art. With one very simple physical intervention, a slice through the center, the food is arranged into an artwork and captured by a scanner. (Finally, someone who can relate to our appreciation of section details and delicious food).


Their photographic series “Food Scans” features a monthly arrangement of fruits and vegetables available in that season. Hargreaves and Levin observe the inside of a carrot, slice through a head of lettuce, and reveal the inner layers of an artichoke. Arranged in compositions that recall the geometry of kaleidoscopes, the most interesting way to view these pieces is by comparing months, and thereby watching the scale, shapes, and colors shift with the seasons.

Section-Detail-Seasonal-Vegetables-March Hargreaves-Levin-Sliced-Tomatoes-Photograph Seasonal-Fruits-Veggies-Artwork-Sliced
Today we salute this creative duo for creating a feast for the eyes, targeted to those of us with a section complex! And we wish you, our readers, a bountiful Thanksgiving.

Image credits: Fastco Design