Thursday Salute to Originals: Google Landscapes

Google allows us to experience the world both microscopically and macroscopically. From custom local searches for a pizza joint to browsing worldwide discussion forums, the search engine puts us in touch with information at every scale. We are glued to our smartphones for answers and results at the push of a button, so much that we often forget to even look up while walking down the street, forgetting to absorb the very environment around us while lost in the digital abyss. How can the technology be manipulated to actually put us back in touch with nature at large?

Arterrae is a collection of images curated by Joshua Fulfs, a freelance brand manager in New York. Fulfs collects imagery of overhead landscape views from Google Maps to post in his collection. The works defy scale and strike a sense of awe at mother nature’s independent formation of those peaks, valleys, and varied colors. Are we looking at entire mountain range, or a close up view of crack in the ground? With each piece only bearing the title “Google”, the answer is left to be pondered.

Take a look at some of the images from the Arterrae collection… we can’t help but be reminded of the natural movement in our onyx panels, which is what drew us to this curated piece to begin with.







For using a simple presentation style to engage in a multifaceted subject, we salute Joshua Fulfs for his manipulation of his medium. And can’t help but pay a bit more attention to what’s happening outside the airplane windows on our next trip, once all of our smart devices are powered down!

Image credits: Arterrae