Thursday Salute to Originals: Springtime Stubble

Usually we reserve our Thursday Original Salute for an interesting design, installation, or art piece – something that requires some type of formal artistic training or adheres to (or intentionally breaks) the principles of design. But today, we’ve decided to focus on more of a “movement” that really doesn’t fall into any of these traditional categories, but none the less embodies a creative undertone, and inspires us to broaden our definition of what constitutes “art.”


So what is the movement? Guys put flowers in their beards to celebrate spring, and then document via photograph. Yep, that’s basically the concept driving this unique form of personal expression. But in looking deeper at this quirky trend, there’s actually quite a bit of design behind it (whether these floral-bearing gents realize it or not).



The type of flower, its texture, its hue, and scale. The placement of the blooms, their repetition, and the density of the entire composition throughout the beard.  The shape, color, and texture of the facial hair itself. The relationship of the additive elements to the man’s inherent facial features and bone structure. Though latent, all of these elements come together to create an eccentric personal/artistic/fashion statement that is rooted (ha!) in the fundamentals of design.




For using the signature of spring in such an unconventional manner sparking imagination and inspiration – and maybe a strange look or two along the way – we salute those gentlemen who dare to don florals in their 5 o’clock shadows. We can’t help but wonder though, does the upkeep of this ‘do require a razor or hedge trimmers? We’ll leave that to the gardeners (or barbers) to figure out!


Image Credits: My Modern Met