Thursday Salute to Originals: Balloon Animals

How many times did you try to perfect the balloon animal rendition of a dog while growing up? How many times did you fail and just call it a sword instead? We’ve all been there, but one artist never settled for a slightly bent up creation.

25 year-old Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto‘s balloon animal art puts any wiener dog to shame. Using only balloons – no tape or adhesives – he has created detailed artworks of animals, insects, flowers, and characters.


Matsumoto uses balloons of various colors, shapes, and sizes to create his masterpieces.


Chances are, you wouldn’t find these types of balloon animals at a kid’s party!




This art begs the question: what happens when the balloons begin to lose air and deflate? Matsumoto told Upworthy in an email interview that after he photographs his balloon art, he pops them.

To view more of Matsumoto’s colorful and nostalgic work, head to his Facebook page.

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