Thursday Salute to Originals: Post-It Note Art

The Post-It Note: Symbolic of the ordinary, humdrum office; Lost among various other wearisome office supplies you might expect to find in a desk drawer. Perhaps you use them to jot a phone number down or take a message. Maybe you write your daily to-do lists and reminders on the colored squares and stick them to objects like a computer screen. But, more conceivably, you use your post-it notes to create large-scale pixelated images of the Mona Lisa on your living room wall, or to intricately carve out fictional characters producing cutout images.

Wait… You don’t?

That’s not a problem. Artists like Homam Nasser and Akira Nagaya have that covered. They have reinvented the way we see the unremarkable post-it notes by transforming them into mind-blowing works of art.

In the video below, we watch Nasser recreate the face of Mona Lisa with bright colored post-its on the wall of a bedroom. He skillfully arranges each one to curate a pixelated resemblance of the classic art piece.


Nagaya repurposes his post-its to carve out complex fictional characters, insects, landscapes, and other imagery. His only tool is a seriously sharp blade used to create incredible detail. The only areas not completely carved out from the post-its are small flaps on the bottom of the figures allowing them to pop up.



Wouldn’t you rather have one of these works of art gracing your office instead of “Email Jason” or “867-5309”?

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