Thursday Salute to Originals: Tattoos and Street Art

Skin: Soft, supple, and sensitive. The complete antithesis of the surfaces of concrete walls and buildings. Yet artist Luca Altini, better known as “Luca Font”, has mastered working with both surfaces to create visually stunning works of contemporary abstract art.

When Font was just 15 years old, he picked up his first bottle of spray paint and took to the liberating art form of graffiti. His work consists of everything from landscapes, to animals, to figures and people. His inspiration to paint such bold and colorful graphics originally stemmed from his love of video games and skateboard graphics.



These days, Font dabbles equally into both of the subcultures he loves. His tattoos embody the same bright and bold graphics as his street art. If he is working on a tattoo piece, he likes to visualize how he can adapt the images and translate them to concrete, and vice versa.



While Font is still inspired by video games and skateboard graphics, he is also captivated by his world travels – and cats. He says that everyone should admire cats and their laid-back attitudes. He uses his inspirations to create different concepts for each of his works. Font expresses that incorporating his own ideas into each tattoo is important, but he always is sure to blend in his customers’ needs, too.



Today we salute Luca Font for defying the odds and working with two of the most contrasting surfaces: skin and wall. By visually translating one art form to the other, his striking contemporary abstract works are a sight (site) to be seen.

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