Thursday Salute to Originals: The Domino King

Do you remember playing with dominoes growing up? Maybe you tried to learn how to play the actual game using mathematics. Or – if you’re like most of us here in the office – maybe you took a more simplistic approach and just stood them upright in curvy lines to ultimately topple over. Some of us with more time and a steadier hand even used multiple packs of dominoes to create longer, more intricate patterns. But could you imagine using over 1,000 dominoes to recreate detailed scenes and images? How about over 10,000? 80,000?


The domino artist, who goes by “The Domino King,” uses thousands upon thousands of colored dominoes to recreate various images and scenes from cartoons, video games, and anime. He tediously places each domino so they cascade into your favorite characters right before your eyes.


In the video below, The Domino King displays many characters and scenes in a popular video game called Undertale. This piece involved a grand total of 84,417 dominos and took “one long month of building and planning” to make. The Super Mario World piece trails right behind with 81,032 dominoes.

But its not only dominoes that The Domino King uses to create his art. In several of his videos on his YouTube channel, you’ll find items like stick bombs, and props such as cups and posters incorporated into the theme of the video.

This Thursday, we salute The Domino King not only for his patience and eye for design, but also for allowing us to get back in touch with our younger selves. And, of course, for creating artwork that is seriously satisfying to watch unfold.

Sources: The Domino King