Thursday Salute to Originals: Guerilla Floral Street Art

Looking back through 2016, we have seen many awesomely strange guerilla street art installations such as extensive yarn bombing, surprising sidewalk gum paintings, and stunning spray painted tiles. But none have been quite as ‘blooming’ or comical as florist Geoffroy Mottart’s floral arrangements around Brussels, Belgium. This artist hilariously, yet beautifully, targets public monuments with intricate flower and plant arrangements.

His installations titled Fleurissements consist of crowns, hair, mustaches and beards that last only for a couple of days before being removed by authorities. Still, that gives Mottart just enough time to get a few glamorous photos of the urban interventions to post to Instagram and film on Snapchat.

Mottart’s goal is to bring attention and admiration back to the often forgotten public monuments that fill Brussel’s parks, streets, and other major attractions. It is common for European countries to have so many monuments fill their cities, so Mottart often has a wide selection to work with. But sometimes, he revisits the same targets with different colors and arrangements! It’s rumored he’s particularly fond of the Leopold II of Belgium bust…

This week as we reflect on 2016, we salute Geoffroy Mottart for giving us a year filled with vibrant and blossoming street art. His comedic floral displays brought us laughter and a new appreciation for the old monuments and traditional public arts that we often overlook. His work stands distinctly at the intersection of old and new, memory and growth – fitting for our last salute of the year.

We wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year! What will 2017 have in store for your design expressions?

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