Thursday Salute to Originals: Spider Embroideries

Spiders… Just the word can make someone’s skin crawl! Finding one in your home can be surprising to say the least, but finding one elegantly embroidered in art has the potential to be perception changing!

Artist, Adam Pritchett, works out of England’s Lake District – a popular countryside – embroidering items like plants and insects, which are based on his surroundings. But his embroidered Spider Series takes his art – and the perception of these creepy, crawly creatures – to a whole new level. He makes the creatures look (dare we say…) pretty!

Pritchett uses his sewing skills in each piece to create large holes in the canvas, which he then strategically stitches up to make them into spider webs. Some of his spiders even appear to be 3-D. His stitches in bold colors give them depth and more realistic features.

In the video below, Pritchett shows us some of his sewing methods including french knots, bullion knots, and chain stitches. You can view even more of his work on his Instagram profile!

We salute Adam Pritchett this Thursday for making us reconsider how we view spiders, and elevating these misunderstood creatures to admirable art. This is one kind of spider which we wouldn’t necessarily mind hanging around!

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