Thursday Salute to Originals: Cake Fangs

Cake: We bake them, we eat them, we love them. We appreciate their versatility – red velvet, chocolate, marble, yellow – and they are great for celebrating any occasion. And did we mention they’re sweet and delicious? Hardly anyone is immune to their tasty charm. But above all, cake is terrifying and lethal. Wait, what? Cake is terrifying and lethal? Only if you’re artist Scott Hove, who creates monstrous cake sculptures for his ongoing serious Cake Fangs.

Hove is an artist based in Los Angeles, and Cake Fangs began to combine the deliciously sweet with deadly violence; introducing the light to the dark. He purposely chose to recreate cakes as monsters to seduce viewers with the “promise of heaven while being reminded of the presence of hell.”

Believe it or not, Hove’s intent is not entirely focused on making his viewers hungry or scared. Instead, he seeks to combine the internal instincts that both humans and animals have – the instincts of kindness and sweetness, and the instincts of protection, defense, and savagery.  Yes, we can all be nice and charming, but when provoked or threatened, we may also resort to violence that can turn deadly. The fangs and claws on the sculptures are a ‘sharp’ reminder of this concept.

This Thursday we’re saluting Scott Hove and his creepy creations. Cake Fangs explores the dualism between both human and nature’s characteristic balance between light and dark – savagery and sweet.

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