Thursday Salute to Originals: Frames Inception

Coming in all different sizes, shapes, materials, and motifs, frames are generally considered the border to more important works inside. Though frames themselves can often be meticulously crafted and decorated, they rarely are given the credit they deserve for being works of art in their own right. But an American artist named Taylor Holland, based out of France, has created a new series that merges technology and art, putting frames on center stage.

FRA[MES] (get it?) is an ongoing series that is a collaboration between algorithms and skills uniting 18th and 19th-century details with more modern day designs and styles. Through the use of technology and skilled craftsmanship, Holland is able to create works of art that will remain timeless for years to come. Essentially, he designs frames within frames…within frames.

Holland creates this artwork by copying digital images into custom-made molds of picture frames. This method leaves a rather intricate design that appears antique-like in nature, but is actually brand new. The brilliant outcome merges 21st-century advances with the eternal artistic aspects from centuries long ago.

Today we’re saluting Taylor Holland for his fine, ornate works of art. This unique spin is exactly what overlooked and overshadowed objects like picture frames (and frames, and frames) need to highlight their own orignality and beauty as true works of art.

Sources: Taylor Holland, This is Colossal