Thursday Salute to Originals: Anthrozoology Meets Psychoanalysis

“Anthrozoology meets psychoanalysis”. This is the terminology that artist Ellen Jewett uses to describe her ongoing and developing artwork. The sculptures she creates are of porcelain and polymer, whose structure is a metal wire armature. Each sculpture is complete with ornate detail and decoration. However, it is not just the structure itself that is impressive but also the end result, which tells a big story and dazzles the viewer.

Each small and intricate detail is done by Jewett’s hand, leaving behind clues in the fur, tentacles, and feathers of the creation that tell a much larger story about each piece’s purpose and being. Every sculpture exhibits an animal covered in landscapes of flora and fauna, incorporating a whimsical feel that can tell just about any story Jewett puts her mind to with great detail. They’re narratives. Jewett aspires to leave behind an impression on the viewer that runs the imagination wild in fantasy tales.

Jewett’s pieces were most recently exhibited at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco for a group show titled Hindsight. More pieces can be viewed on her Instagram, where you can gain a better sense of her style and gather some of your own inspiration!

Today, we salute Ellen Jewett for her surreal embellishments. We can appreciate her skillful free-modeling by hand, which leads to her intentional overall narrative, where surreal details meet realism.

Sources: Ellen Jewett, Bored Panda, Beautiful Bizzarre