Thursday Salute to Originals: Sandblasted Book Landscapes

Technology like Kindles and Nooks are rapidly replacing books. But that doesn’t mean we should forget about our old papery friends! Montreal-based artist, Guy Laramee, had this realization as well. He recently unveiled a stunning body of sculptures that puts a new twist on a not-so-new practice: book carving. While many of us are familiar with carved pages of books in more simplistic shapes or even words, Laramee has gone a step further, turning the pages into magnificent landscapes and scenes that truly leave the viewer in wonder.

One of the artist’s favorite mediums is bound stacks of dictionaries and encyclopedias, which he carves into using a sandblasting method. After he gets the forms and textures just right, he then applies oils, paints, pigments, adhesives, and even beeswax to his masterpiece to give it a surreal finish. When photographed up close, the works of art appear to be realistic and almost as if being viewed from an aerial position.

Laramee’s meticulous detail  is nothing short of astonishing. His pieces not only make the viewer want to pick up a good old-fashioned book, but it inspires them to truly apply themselves artistically to what surrounds them on a daily basis, even if it’s the most common of goods. More of Laramee’s work can be viewed here, where you can gain an even better feeling for the artists’ style and inspiration.

Today we’re saluting Guy Laramee for his knack of repurposing the old into the new: turning tired pages of literature  into new, lush landscapes. Fusing both literary and visual arts, this sculptural series captures a detailed and tactile physicality that no technology can replicate!

Sources: Guy Laramee, JHB GalleryThis is Colossal