Thursday Salute to Originals: The Solar Egg

What better way to enjoy art than amid total relaxation? You can do exactly that the latest architectural masterpiece. It’s a giant mirrored egg, that doubles as a…sauna? What it is actually referred to is the “Solar Egg,” and it has been created by architects Bigert & Bergstroem who reside in the northernmost city of Sweden, Kiruna. Now you can enjoy art in both visual and experiential manner as you enter inside this gorgeous contraption and truly forget your worries!

The Solar Egg project is part of an urban redevelopment effort, standing 16 feet tall. Inside of the giant looking-glass egg is a heart-shaped sauna stove cast in iron. The sauna seats 8 people inside its walls, and even the inside has a mesmerizing architectural design that is both calming and chic, lined with pine wood. The Solar Egg, in the arctic climate of Lapland, is meant to be a room with a key position for warmth and reflection which is reinforced by its stainless golden mirror sheeting – showcasing its impressive environmental surroundings – and the heat from within. The image was designed with thoughts of rebirth and, quite literally, as a meeting place for locals to nurture their own thoughts and conversations.

Some pieces of art are comprised of many smaller concepts and/or physical qualities that together force the perspective of a much larger purpose. The same can be said for the Solar Egg, which can be broken down into 69 separate components to be reassembled elsewhere. In other words, it’s totally mobile! Can it come to Cleveland, please?

This Thursday, we’re saluting architects Bigert & Bergstroem for building this multifaceted egg, which accomplishes more than impressions. The Solar Egg is now a social sculpture of whichever city it lies, reflecting into a multiplicity of mirrored images made up from its current environment to spark deep thoughts and a complex exchange of ideas.

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