Thursday Salute to Originals: Venice Hand Sculptures

In past blogs we’ve highlighted unique works that have been small, fragile, and nearly microscopic. But today we’re sharing something monumental! Artist Lorenzo Quinn has created a mammoth masterpiece for the 2017 Venice Biennale. The piece has single “handedly” altered Italy’s already gorgeous landscape, leaving a lasting impression on those who cross (or live in) its path.

These enormous hands, titled Support, seemingly rise out of the water, bracing the sides of the Ca’Sagredo Hotel. The hands were created off-site and were carried to the hotel via canal boat, which proved to be quite the challenge due to their sheer size and cumbersome form. But eventually they were lifted from the boat and set into place, creating the illusion of a giant emerging from the river and holding up (or maybe even attacking, depending on your viewpoint) the city above.

But there is more to these hands than just pure scale. Meant to highlight the impact of climate change and rising sea levels, particularly on the city of Venice, the giant structures uniquely underscore man’s role in this problem – and his ability to fix it.

This Thursday we salute Lorenzo Quinn for Support. Whether you admire this installation for its deep message on climate change and humanity’s ability to both destroy and mend, or if you enjoy this piece simply for its whimsical application (who doesn’t love the idea of a real giant emerging from the water?!), Support is something you surely will want to experience first-hand! (Pun intended!)

Image Credits: Lorenzo Quinn, Design Boom, Bored Panda