Thursday Salute to Originals: The Felt Store

Picture this: You’re on the road heading to work, and you decide to stop at the convenience store – just like you do every morning for your cup of coffee. You walk in, grab your cup, pour your coffee, pay, and you’re on your way again. Sounds like a predictable morning experience in any convenience store, right?

We thought it might. And so did British artist Lucy Sparrow, who has created a temporary installation titled 8 ‘Til Late. This entire exhibit is created out of felt – yes, felt! 8 ‘Til Late is essentially a convenience store comprised of thousands of everyday items, each made of felt. From frozen foods to your morning coffee to fresh cuts of meat, Sparrow thought of it all.

The best part is that Sparrow’s installation isn’t just hanging on a wall. You can actually step inside it, directly off the street, just like you would a real convenience store. But wait, there’s more! Also like a real convenience store, everything inside of it is truly for sale. Did we mention that each item is completely hand-made?

Like several of her previous exhibits, 8 ‘Til Late is a stunning exhibit depicting everyday life using a different medium. Her installation celebrates the dying breed of neighborhood stores that capture the spirit of an area. As Lucy explains, “I want the work to make people think about the loss of community spaces when these small corner shops disappear; to remind them how valuable these corner shops really are and the color they bring to our lives.” This Thursday we’re saluting Lucy Sparrow for her crafty eye. She has completely rebuilt our perception of the everyday routines that so often receive no second thought, elevating the mundane into art.

Sources: Lucy Sparrow, This is Colossal