Thursday Salute to Originals: CTRL+X

Unless you’re a renowned graffiti artist like Banksy, or you’re completely immersed in the graffiti art subculture, you may find graffiti to be ubiquitous, repetitive, troublesome, or distasteful. But what if, in all of the negative connotations of graffiti, we could find some comedic relief and simply laugh it off?

It’s possible. We’ve found a group of street artists whose work we’d like to introduce you to. As a feature of the Stenograffia Street Art and Graffiti Festival in Russia, Dmitry Chabanov and his group demonstrated their rather comical twist to “delete” some graffiti on an abandoned small car and dumpster.

You know the gray and white checkered grid that depicts a transparent or deleted area in many graphic design applications, like Photoshop? The group carefully stenciled on that very same grid and painted it with the help of a projector. This installment, CTRL+X, refers to the deleting command within Photoshop and resembles the pixilated screen that pops up when items are erased or transparent.

Pretty funny, right? While humorous, the installment was meticulous and took some serious calculations to complete properly. Overall, the optical illusion was created with the use of their projector, which cast the grid and allowed them to paint the checkered pattern in the appropriate dimensions. You can view over 100 photos of the entire behind-the-scenes process here!

Today we salute Dmitry and his band of street artists for their clever and comical take on removing graffiti that is so commonly seen in large cities and rural areas alike, all over the world. Now if we could just figure out how to apply CTRL+X to all of the questionable choices of our own lives…

Sources: Stenograffia, The Awesomer