Thursday Salute to Originals: Landscapes in a Jar

Jars and canisters hold many things: coffee, flour, keys, pencils, and maybe even that gravy you’re putting on your Thanksgiving mashed potatoes today. In these cases, the jars are simply acting as a corralling device, keeping all of these things together in one spot. But for Finnish artist Christoffer Relander, jars are much more than utilitarian canisters. For him, these jars preserve and capture far more precious items, like his childhood pastimes and memories.

In Relander’s most recent project, Jarred & Displaced II, he captures and preserves the Finnish countryside landscapes he observed as a child. He has been busy revisiting each area to photograph and preserve his memories of them. The concept behind his project stems from his own personal experience with separation anxiety.

The jars used to preserve his landscape memories primarily come from the food industry. You will notice little details on the jars, such as “Best By” dates and “Open Here” indicators. His images are ‘intentional double exposures’ and are not actually placed in each separate jar. Instead, Relander explains, they are combined into one complete photograph using various camera methods.

This week we’re saluting Christoffer Relander for his surreal landscape photography and his unique jar placements that preserve his cherished childhood memories. As we celebrate this Thanksgiving  holiday, we hope Relander’s art serves as a reminder of our own fond memories, and reminds us of all the things we have to be thankful for – past and present. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Sources: Christoffer Relander, This is Colossal