Thursday Salute to Originals: Animatronic Graffiti

We’ve written many blogs about graffiti and some really unique street art before, but we’ve never seen it done like this! A Swiss street artist, who goes by “Bane,” is truly bringing his graffiti to life…

Through his own technique called ‘Graffiti Mapping,’ Bane literally makes his street art come alive. Not just alive, but actually interactive! How does he accomplish such a task?

The Graffiti Mapping Process:

  1. Bane begins with a model, from whom he draws inspiration for the initial graffiti art.
  2. He paints the model in typical graffiti style, which ultimately serves as the background layer for his works. Once the graffiti still is completed, the fun begins!
  3. Bane creates special animatronics and timed lights to be projected onto the graffiti, creating a unique depth, movement, and emotional experience to an otherwise static piece.
  4. Each animation combined with the chosen lighting makes for a whirlwind of visualizations, completely transforming the mood and aesthetic of the original graffiti with every frame.

This week, we’re saluting Bane for fusing street art and technology, creating an entirely new genre of expression. The animatronics truly make his art an unforgettable sensory experience!

Sources: Bane & PestBane Artworks, Eyecatcher