Thursday Salute to Originals: The Blackest Black

Big news! Black is the new black! Scientists have discovered the darkest known material on Earth, whose color they have dubbed as “Vantablack.” Vantablack is so black that it gives Batman’s stylist a run for his money!

In the video below, we learn a little bit more about Vantablack and the science behind it. Its more than just a hue; the material could actually help us to see further into space because it is a true black. How? Vantablack is essentially the absence of all color, unlike any other “black” we know. It absorbs almost 100% (99.98% to be exact) of all light. Because it does not reflect any light or other colors, scientists can use Vantablack when photographing from Earth and in space, blocking out any glare. This makes it possible to see some of the most distant objects that were not visible before.

And just what exactly is it? Vantablack is made of carbon nanotubes, which are similar to tall, thin blades of grass. Pretty amazing, huh?!

Though Vantablack is pretty scientific, architects and designers are likely to appreciate it more from an aesthetic viewpoint. Color and light have a tremendous impact on the look and experience of a space; Vantablack has the potential to create an unprecedented depth that’s previously never been experienced, allowing viewers to truly ponder and get lost in what’s before them. Vantablack is actually on its way to the summer Olympics, where a Milky Way display will be created for the public.

This Thursday we’re saluting the scientists who created this amazing Vantablack material! We know its discovery will unite scientists and artists alike, and change the way we view space, light, and life.

Sources: CNN