Thursday Salute to Originals: Liquid Pencils

It’s no secret that it takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. But what does it take to make a rainbow stream from your coffee cup? In the case of whimsical artist and creator, Bobby Duke, it takes wood, resin, and colored pencils. Lots and lots of colored pencils.

For this specific project, he starts by physically drawing out a coffee cup design on a chunk of wood before he begins to carve it. That’s followed by plenty of shaping, cutting, and sanding to get the cup form just right.

As for the colored pencils that eventually become the flowing rainbow, he bundles them together with rubber bands, saws them into varying lengths, and then adheres them together with resin. Once hardened, the mass of colored pencils works like any other solid material – he cuts, shapes, and sands the pencils into a sculptural form mimicking liquid pouring from a cup – albeit with a colorful twist! Check out the video below for more insight into his creative process (skip to about 8:00 minutes in for the colored pencil gluing process, and to 9:00 for a time lapse transformation of the colored pencil form into liquid shape).

This week, we salute Bobby Duke for a whimsical (and colorful) lift to this chilly work week. We appreciate his spin on the colored pencil, and utilizing it as a sculptural medium as opposed to a traditional stylus.

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