Thursday Salute to Originals: Ocean Waves Fabric

There’s not much we find more calming than the slow, undulating rolls of the ocean’s waves. But unless you live along a coastline, experiencing the beauty of those soothing ocean waves first hand is probably isn’t very easy. That is unless you’re fortunate enough to be around Elegy instead.

What’s Elegy? Elegy is the title for Miguel Rothschild’s latest installation. The Berlin-based artist has created the ocean’s waves with simple, printed fabric suspended with fishing line and lead balls, complete with epoxy and acrylic. The installation is large (approximately 300 x 550 x 280 cm) so as to replicate the vastness of the ocean.

The fishing line suspensions help to create the undulating effect of the waves – their high and low points – as one would actually see if they were watching the ocean from the beach. Even the lining itself works to alter the viewer’s perception as if they were there and watching the waves unfold.

Today we’re saluting Miguel Rothschild for his brilliant oceanic simulation. It’s amazing what we can do with objects that we don’t often give a second thought – like fishing line and some fabric!

Sources: Miguel Rothschild, This is Colossal