Thursday Salute to Originals: Paper Portraits

Sure, we’ve seen a lot of pieces of art created with paper – but none like these! The haut-relief portraits created by artist Calvin Nicholls are so detailed and lifelike they almost don’t even resemble their paper origin at all…

Calvin’s animal portraits are actually a bit reminiscent of a finer material like stone, aren’t they? Much of that is credited to the use of stark white colors, and his acute attention to creating complex reliefs.

See? We weren’t kidding about the wildlife being so lifelike! His sculptures establish a further dissonance between the mundane qualities of paper and fine art through the intricate details they each possess.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Calvin Nicholls for creating extraordinary work from such an ordinary product. We are eyeing that stack of printer paper and wondering what we can do to mold it into something new!

Sources: Calvin Nicholls, This is Colossal