Thursday Salute to Originals: Architectural Sculptures

At first glance, the image below appears as a super detailed, meticulously created sketch, doesn’t it? Would you be suprised to learn that it’s actually a sculpture that just appears as a 3-D drawing?

If we tricked you, then that’s good! That’s exactly what artist David Moreno is going for with his architectural sculptures. He creates his work specifically to distort the differences between 2- and 3-dimensional works of art.

Moreno creates each of his sculptures out of piano wire at varying lengths and girth. Since the wire is typically thin, it helps him to create the illusion that his sculptures may just be drawings, until you inch closer for a better look (or view its profile).

Today we’re saluting David Moreno for his transitional artwork that cleverly encompasses both 2-D and 3-D qualities. You can view more of his work here on his Instagram. And though these pieces look like they may have jumped out of a sketchbook, remember, they’re just photos of his architectural sculptures – not drawings!

Sources: David Moreno, This is Colossal