Thursday Salute to Originals: Street Art Puns

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to be upset about street art painted on the sides of buildings, structures, or the ground… Especially when they make you laugh! French street artist Oakoak creates pieces that possess a unique, “punny” charm!

Admit it, you giggled! Oakoak is known for taking pre-existing (and super common) urban architectural details in cities and turning them into humorous works of art. His pieces typically display bright colors and incorporate pop culture icons – like Pacman and Super Mario pictured below.

As comical as his street art is, Oakoak’s work serves a bigger purpose for him and why he does what he does. On his website, Oakoak’s work is explained:

“He pastes his drawings everywhere he goes so as to bring smiles to passers-by where they least expect it. His approach consists of diverting urban elements, playing with mundane flaws, like a crack on a wall. He adds his own vision, his own references that often stem from the geek culture. His art is a means to poeticize the urban environment.”

This week we’re saluting Oakoak for making us smile and begin to appreciate our own urban environments. Maybe a hole in the ground isn’t just simple hole, or perhaps a crosswalk can be given a greater purpose!

Sources: Oakoak, This is Colossal