Thursday Salute to Originals: The World’s Largest Hanging Garden?

We’re going to assume you’re familiar with the ancient Babylon Hanging Gardens – one of the original 7 World Wonders, right? Well, we are excited to show you a new and ambitious work of art that aims to become the largest and grandest hanging garden in the world!

L’Arbre aux Hérons, meaning “The Heron’s Tree” in English, is a project currently underway with French company Le Machines de L’ile. But what’s really amazing about these new hanging gardens is that they are interactive! There are – and will be – several features, like flights, that allow spectators and admirers to interact with the garden, as depicted in the photos below.

And of course, it’s simply an architectural dream *swoon*. L’Arbre aux Hérons is 160 feet in diameter and stretches 114 feet high. The tree’s foundation is made of steel and will be covered with plants and gardens, many of which will be hanging!

Today we’re saluting Le Machines de L’ile for drawing on their own historical inspirations to bring us a new and innovative structure to admire! We can’t wait to see how The Heron’s Tree will look once it reaches its projected completion in 2022.

Sources: Le Machines de L’ile, This is Colossal