Thursday Salute to Originals: Disco Ball Reflections

We know that the 90s are coming back in style in the fashion world, but today we’re bringing the Disco Inferno style from the 70s into the light once again! When you think of a ‘disco,’ we’re pretty sure you’re conjuring up images of reflective lights, bell bottoms, and some crazy upbeat music. Are we right?

Good, now amplify that by 50x! Artists Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan have seriously upped the disco ball game. They filled a room with 50 disco balls that vary in color, making for some pretty cool reflections. Although, we will admit… there’s not actually any 70s music involved! But there is something else.


What’s really creative about this room is the immersive environment it creates. You see, the disco balls are not just meant for boasting cool colors; they’re actually timed lighting sequences that mimic visitors’ reflections all around them.

Today we’re saluting Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan for their ode to the 70s and bringing back the funk in a totally unique and exciting way. What really impresses us is their ability to provide spectators with interactive surroundings using both technology and some old-age glam!

Sources: Kyle McDonald, This is Colossal, Jonas Jongejan