Thursday Salute to Originals: Stitched Sculptures

Last week, we discussed using piano wire as a medium to blur the lines between 2- and 3-dimensional objects. But today, we’re upping the ante with some really unique stitchwork!

Artist Amanda McCavour uses just simple thread, her hands, and a sewing machine to create unbelievably detailed sculptures that alter our dimensional perspectives. With her thread, she really aims to capture the beauty of the everyday, common objects and gestures that surround us.

But how does she do it? Well, it would be pretty difficult to just simply stitch a free-standing arm or a flower! So instead, McCavour uses a specific type of fabric to stitch onto first, and then that fabric actually dissolves in water, leaving behind her incredible stitches!

This Thursday, we’re saluting Amanda McCavour for her stitchwork! Her innovative stitch technique really brings her threaded sculptures to life, allowing us to appreciate the things we see every day a little bit more!

Sources: Amanda McCavour, This is Colossal