Thursday Salute to Originals: 3-D Graffiti Sculptures

We’ve introduced you to several graffiti artists, muralists, and sculptors alike throughout this blog series, and now we want to introduce you to artist Manuel de Rita, AKA Peeta, who does a magnificent combination of these styles!

He began as a graffiti artist, starting to paint in 1993. As time has progressed, he started advancing his work to 3-D sculptures inspired by his original paintings, rather than just the traditional graffiti art. Peeta’s work is bold and will grab your attention immediately! The prominent shapes and vivid colors intrigue the audience, who dissects every meticulous angle of his sculptures.

Today, Peeta uses a 3-D software program that produces a pattern from lettering in his original graffiti work. It’s actually similar to a seamstress sewing an article of clothing. The pattern allows him to have a 3-D view of the sculpture and virtually apply the pieces onto a two-dimensional object, building the perfect masterpiece. Peeta’s graffiti sculptures are carefree in nature and each of his sculptures has a deeper meaning.

Today, we’re saluting Peeta for his variation in perspective and dimension. His sculptures are a revelation about deceit in human consciousness and are an interruption in normality!

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