Thursday Salute to Originals: Air-Filled Artworks

Have you heard of the San Francisco art exhibit Inflatable? The exhibit is featured at the Exploratorium, a museum on the historic Embarcadero that showcases unique pieces focused on science and human perception. In the current Inflatable exhibit, you can experience these whimsical, balloon-inspired sculptures from May 26 through September 3, 2018.

Inflatable displays the works of Amanda Parer, Jason Hackenwerth, Jimmy Kuehnle, Pneuhaus, and Shih Chieh Huang. Curated by Christopher Jobson, founder and editor-in-chief of Colossal, “the artists of Inflatable have infused their creations with a technology, scale, and creative complexity that expands our vision of what contemporary art can look like.” Each artist has translated his or her own opinion into individual pieces of art based on various topics relating to human development, live organisms, and sensory perception. The audience will become engrossed in each larger-than-life composition.

The artists’ media are markedly diverse, with materiality ranging from party balloons, to fabric, to trash bags – but all recalling the light and airy qualities of balloons. The artists state that their inspiration stems from science fiction, the elements of color in nature, and sea creatures.

This Thursday we’re saluting the expression of material that Inflatable portrays. The exhibit is filled with fantasy, sparking topics for creative conversations that are sure to stimulate anyone that appreciates contemporary art, alternative use of materials, or just good old fashioned fun.

Sources: This is Colossal, Exploratorium, HyperAllergic