Thursday Salute to Originals: Kinetic Art

Have you heard of “kinetic art”? It consists of any work produced from various types of materials that contain visible movement and requires the use of motion for its effect. Sounds cool and science-y, right? Great! Then let us introduce you to artist Bruce Shapiro.

Bruce is the artist behind Sisyphus, which is his series of kinetic tables made with sand that creates beautiful patterns. Sisyphus creates a meditative feeling that motivated Shapiro to find a way to reach the average household for his tables to be enjoyed as furniture and art. There is a magnet controlled by a computer that pushes the steel ball through the sand in the pre-set patterns. And… It’s available to consumers!

Where did he get his inspiration? Well, prior to his career as an artist, Bruce was a physician and was often intrigued with the relationship between science and art. His inspiration for Sisyphus also stems quite a bit from Greek mythology. Shapiro has said that Sisyphus is similar to music because it is like watching a “playlist for the eyes”.

This week we salute Bruce Shapiro for creating the perfect correlation between music and art. And, if you’re wondering, you can purchase a Sisyphus coffee or end table with a complete 25-track playlist. The tables are silent as the various patterns are produced. Enjoy!

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