Thursday Salute to Originals: Cuckoo Blocks

Have you ever heard of the symbolism that a cuckoo clock represents? “The classic cuckoo clock is a symbol for prosperity in the middle class and is considered a kind of luxury for the home.” Guido Zimmermann is the artist that has reimagined the cuckoo clocks… but with a twist!

Zimmermann describes his work as “cuckoo blocks” instead of cuckoo clocks. Each clock is constructed from a sketch or a blueprint. Next, begins construction of a building that is reminiscent of modern European architecture. Finally, the details are added including soft color accents to compliment the building, lighting is installed, and then the cuckoo is attached to his perch.

Zimmermann became an artist in 1993 and prides himself on being a multidisciplinary artist; he is not limited to any particular style or medium. He started as a painter and graffiti artist, and eventually evolving into sculpture work. After completing his education, Zimmermann’s work became a marriage of refinement and calculated peculiarity.

This Thursday we’re saluting Guido Zimmermann’s cuckoo blocks. Every piece has a similarity to the original cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest in Germany.  His work is unconventional and can be appreciated for its strong modern structural composition and appreciation for European cityscape!

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