Thursday Salute to Originals: Expanded Eye

Take a moment to open up your eyes and observe the world around you…is the philosophy of art duo Expanded Eye (artists Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James). The pair studies our world and tells an intimate story with each piece of artwork they create. Their style has an unmistakable quality that is well-known in the contemporary art community!

Expanded Eye are multi-disciplinary artists who started off focusing on tattoos. Their creativity evolved into the additional use of materials, striking is a contrast in surfaces for a salvaged textural effect. The twosome is committed to living a life that is entirely art-centric with creating works that are paintings, installations, and street art. The inspiration behind all of their work is natural elements accented with distinguishing geometrical shapes. Each work of art incorporates tiny details that require a second look from the audience, a multi-layered story.

“We never imagined it could go this far – using symbolism and subtle ways of communicating meaning.” Current events relating to sociology are the primary influence in their work. Expanded Eye has made a commitment to increase human consciousness about topics that affect our well-being as a society for the preservation of all individuals.

This Thursday, we are saluting Expanded Eye and the artists’ rare handiwork. This pair’s collection of work embodies their trademark abstract and poetic language. It is clear that there is a purpose when blurring the lines between life and art – the similarities are amazing!

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