Thursday Salute to Originals: Geometric Pressed Cans

According to Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research.” Contemporary Artist Noah Deledda does exactly that with aluminum cans. How? Deledda transforms the everyday aluminum can into an astonishing work of art!

Deledda is a native of  Michigan and has mastered other disciplines such as graffiti, graphic design, and painting. His most recent work is what has caused a buzz within the international art community. It is intriguing how he sees the potential in an aluminum can to become an amazing sculpture. He believes that his work is a symbol of elevation. Deledda uses a disposable object as his medium that should be discarded and utilizes the raw material to produce a brand-new item with a brand-new purpose.

The process of creating the sculpture is very simple; Deledda doesn’t use any special tools – he only uses his hands. He starts with polishing the can to reveal what is underneath the surface or the original beauty of the can. After polishing, he uses his thumb to crease and dent the can. As the can takes to shape a symmetrical pattern is formed and repeated. The entire process of sculpting a can requires a great deal of precision and patience on the artist’s behalf. The finished product is the reward.

Today, we are saluting Noah Deledda and his pressed cans! His work is truly original and validates that anything can be made when using one’s imagination. Creativity is the art of producing something spectacular from another’s abandoned articles.

Sources: Noah Deledda, This is Colossal